HUMAN BEINGS ARE JUDGED FOR THEIR SINS AFTER THEY DIE (by benaiah juma) (Edited 8 August 2017).
Heb 9:27  And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

The word of God is teaching us here that when we are alive and breathing on this earth we have an opportunity to choose the master that we desire serving and after that we face judgment for it when we die.
We are given the opportunity by God to choose to serve Jesus Christ in truth and Spirit when we are alive and receive eternal life after we die or serve Satan and his demons and face everlasting punishment in the pit after we die.

You can choose to serve Jesus Christ by living a righteous life, a life of repentance, then doing God
s work which will make the world a pleasant place to live in, such as preaching the gospel, helping the needy, pleading the cause of the fatherless and the widows, visiting those in prisons, visiting the sick in the hospitals, encouraging the broken hearted and any other good works worthy of praise, and you can also choose to serve the enemy by living a sinful life such as walking half naked in the streets and calling it fashion, worshipping idols like the Roman Catholics in Roman Catholicism, killing, stealing, destroying, cross dressing, lying, calling on saints while praying, gambling, fornicating, committing adultery, being abominable, disobeying your parents, being prideful, hating the truth like Roman Catholics in Roman Catholic Church, accusing one another falsely and many other sins you can think of.

When you are alive and breathing, you have an opportunity to drop to your knees and ask Jesus Christ to come into your life and  forgive you of all your sins. You have an opportunity when you are still alive to make it right with God and develop a healthy relationship with God. It does not matter whether you are into Roman Catholicism, Islam, New age movement, freemasonry, Hinduism, Jehovah
witness, Satanism and many other false religions.

It does not matter whether you are a murderer, seducer, sexual immoral, fornicator, blasphemer, ignorant, disobedient, wicked, evil, and any other sins you can think of. If you are alive and breathing you have a shot to pray to Jesus Christ and ask him to come into your life and wash you with his precious blood. The lord Jesus Christ is a God of the living and when he shed his blood on the cross he died so that people can proceed to repentance and die saved, covered by his precious blood. But if you reject what the lord Jesus Christ did for you on the cross by continuing to live in sin then you will bear your iniquity in the afterlife.

People need to realize that this is the only chance that we have to repent and make it right with God. When you die without God whatever you have done on this earth, that is what will be used to judge you.
A lot of people say that my God is a God of love and there is no hell and he wouldn
t put anyone in hell. That is nice and good and you can keep it where you keep it, but hell is a real place and it has been existing over a long period of time and it is waiting to accommodate all Christ rejectors.

Do not let a heretic in Roman Catholicism lie to you that when you die without God you go to purgatory and you have a chance to make it to heaven. If you die without Jesus Christ you go to hell and you will never get another chance to repent. This life is the only chance that we have to make it right with God. Death is sure and it can happen in a lot of different ways. You can be shot by a robber in a bank, or you can be raped and killed, or you can fall off a building or a cliff, or you can have a heart attack, or you can die as a result of illness. e.t.c. Because nobody knows the hour or the time when he or she will give up the ghost or when the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back to take away his church, we should make sure that we are ready to be with God by living a life of purity in Christ Jesus.

We should be ready to die, because if we are ready to die we are ready to live, but if we are not ready to die we are not ready to live. A true Christian should live each and every day as if it was his or her last day on planet earth. We should be ready for the coming of Jesus Christ or be ready to face judgment for our sins when we die. Brethren in Christ Jesus examine your life and see how many people
s lives you have built with your deeds and words and how many peoples lives you have destroyed with your deeds and words.

If you have not made it right with God and you are a heretic you are in danger of eternal damnation. Repent from all your sins and come to Jesus Christ while there is still time. This is the only chance that we have to repent and come to our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Choose the God that you want to serve today, the god of this world who is Satan or the creator of heaven and earth who is our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Make a choice when you are alive because after death is the judgment. Those who die with Jesus Christ go to heaven and those who die without Jesus Christ go to hell.

Because we are headed to hell or heaven when we die, we must carefully meditate on where we want to spend eternity. Do you want to spend eternity in heaven? or do you want to spend eternity in hell? Do you want to spend eternity in everlasting glory? or do you want to spend eternity in everlasting condemnation and shame? you are making that choice now. Brethren in Christ Jesus make it right with God when you are alive and you have an opportunity to repent. God will only hear the prayer of a person who is alive, for God is a God of the living and not a God of the dead. Seek the lord when you are alive and breathing because when you take your last breath that
s it, whatever you have accumulated in this earth is what will be used to judge you. Call on the lord Jesus Christ while he is available and willing to listen to your prayers. Seek the lord while he may be found. Thanks.
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After death is the judgment.