free hit counter CONFESS JESUS CHRIST BEFORE MEN (by benaiah juma).
Mat 10:32  Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.
Mat 10:33  But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

The word of God is telling us here to confess Jesus Christ before people. We are to be proud of the fact that the lord Jesus Christ is our lord and savior. If you fear confessing Jesus Christ before people, or you fear going public for Jesus Christ, then you have a home with the devil. Jesus Christ is so beautiful and precious in everyone
s lives and anyone who does not want to confess Jesus Christ before people needs to have his or her head examined.

When we are asked whether we believe in the son the God, we are to answer that question in a heartbeat regardless what reprobates say or think. Jesus Christ should be given honor and respect that he deserves. I mean the lord Jesus Christ is the creator of heaven and earth and with him was everything made and without him was nothing made that was made. If you deny your creator, what kind of a person do you think you are? If you deny your creator you are worthy and fit for destruction.

When you confess Jesus Christ before people, the lord Jesus Christ will also confess you before his father in heaven. The lord is wise and gives each and every person reward based on their deeds here on earth. When you plant denial of Christ Jesus you will also reap denial from him in heaven. Once the lord Jesus Christ denies you before the father then you are good enough for the outer darkness.

You are supposed to hold on to your faith in Christ Jesus no matter what happens. Even if we are forced to deny him by antichrists we are supposed to hold on our faith in Christ Jesus. People deny the lord Jesus Christ because of various reasons, such as to hold on friendship, to maintain social relations, to keep on sinning, to maintain their jobs and positions, to be promoted, or to save their lives. All this acts are forms of idolatry.

If you deny Jesus Christ to prevent something from happening to you, you are guilty of idolatry. Anything that you exalt above God is your idol. If you love your life, your family, your brothers and sisters before God you are not worthy to be a disciple of the lord Jesus Christ. You are supposed to give up everything for the sake of Jesus Christ and if you do that you will be rewarded by Christ Jesus. Confess Jesus Christ before men, and tell God to help you so that you do not deny him before men. Be blessed in Jesus name.
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