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JEHOVAH IS A GOD OF FREE WILL (by benaiah juma).
God the almighty operates in our lives but there is always free will for us to choose what we want to do. The angles also protect us with free will in play. God the almighty is just and wouldnt force himself on us; he wants us to choose to serve him voluntarily. God the almighty can destroy evil and the seed of the evil doers but he does not want to do that yet because he wants each and every one of us to choose our kingdom that were desire to serve. God wants you to make a choice between life and death, good and evil or light and darkness.

Even though you previously chose to serve Lucifer, if you change your mind and you repent and come to Jesus Christ with a humble and contrite heart he will pardon you abundantly of all your sins and welcome you into his kingdom and your iniquities will he remember them no more. God draws people with his Spirit so that you can cease to do evil and come to him and when you reject and play with the Spirit of God and refuse to repent, he can give you over to your desires and lust and you end up behaving like a reprobate according to the imaginations of your heart.

God is involved in our lives but he operates under free will. God has promised to protect his children but if you willfully choose to harm yourself you will for sure perish even though you are a child of God. God cannot override your free will; he will for sure grant you your desires. Hell and heaven is a choice. People do not make it to heaven or hell by accident. People spend eternity in heaven or hell because they made a choice. The world today is mixed with evil and good, light and darkness so that people can choose where they want to belong. There is nothing in secret it is plain and open in the word of God. God has clearly spoken that in the way of light there is no death but in the way of darkness there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

When you choose darkness you choose it do your own death and destruction and if you choose light you choose to your well being and eternal happiness in heaven. God will for sure reward those who use their free will to serve him and do good deeds on this earth and he will for sure destroy those who use their free will to destroy the temple of the Holy Spirit and destroy other people around them with their words and deeds.

We people of God should use our free will to please God and do deeds that please our creator; we should refuse to be influenced by the heathen and Christ deniers who do the deeds of their father. Remember that your eternity is your choice and it will depend on how you use your free will granted to you by the creator. You can either choose to use your free will do deny Christ and reap damnation or use you free will to accept our lord and savior Jesus Christ and be rewarded with eternal life in the afterlife. Praise be to the king of king and lord of lords, JESUS CHRIST.
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