Pro 8:36  But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death
Sin is an offence that is directed towards God. When we sin we are not only offending the people around us but first and foremost we are offending God. The things which we do that are offensive are directed towards the creator. The creator of heaven and earth is the one who gave us the commandments to use as our guiding principles while we live on his earth. When you break the commandments you disrespect the one who made them. When you step on the commandments you step on the one who issued them.

When you sin I want you to know that you are sinning against the creator. When demons come into your body they will cause you to sin, so that you can offend God. When someone gives an order even if it is a human being that gave the orders; if that order is followed the one who gave it will feel respected but if the order is not kept by the people that he or she commissioned, the issuing party will feel offended and disrespected. That is the same way that the devil
s that are living in your body use you to offend God.

Jesus Christ is telling us here that those who sin against him offend their own soul. This is because when you sin you join the devil and his angels, but unfortunately the devil and his angels will happily destroy your life on this earth and in the afterlife. The word of God tells us that whoever commits sin is of the devil and that is why the son of God was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil. When you sin, you prove your allegiance to Lucifer but the problem is that the devil does not care about you, he will happily throw you into the pits of hell.

When you please God by living righteously you do that to your own good and when you offend God you do that to your own destruction. The lord Jesus Christ said that whoever offends him offends his or her own soul. This is because when you die in sin, the soul will suffer for eternity in the pit. The word of God tells us we will be rewarded based on our deeds here on earth. The stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the corner, whoever falls on this stone will be broken and whoever this stone falls onto it shall grind him or her to powder. Fighting with the lord Jesus Christ is vain, in the end you are the one who is going to suffer.

Do not sin against the lord Jesus Christ it is foolishness. Every sinner will die. You can prove the hate that you have for Jesus Christ by sinning against him. The word of God tells us if you love Jesus Christ keep the commandments; on the contrary if you hate Jesus Christ break the commandments. The people who live in sin are the people that hate the lord Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ is holy and everyone that mentions or claims to know Christ let him or her depart from iniquity. The soul of every sinner will burn unless they repent and make restitution for their sins while they are in the body and still alive.

Sin is directed towards God. Do not sin or let the devil use you to offend your creator. The lord Jesus Christ is a terror to the wicked and a consuming fire. The lord Jesus is a terror to evil works but a rewarder of good works. Do good and you shall have praise of the same but if you work iniquity on this earth and misuse the Spirit of grace then judgment is at the door. Unrepentant sinners will for sure not get away with their sins but pay for them. Make it right with God while you are still alive. Be blessed.

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