THEY PROFESS TO KNOW GOD BUT IN WORKS THEY DENY HIM (by benaiah juma) (September 25, 2017) (149).
Tit_1:16  They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.

The bible tells us that we have a group of people who are blatantly following the devil by their unfruitful works of darkness but they confess with their lips to know God. If you truly know the most high God, your works should correspond with what you profess with your lips, but this people
s actions and behavior show that they are Christ rejectors and deniers. This verse applies to people who call themselves Christians who live a double life. These are fake Christians who follow Jesus Christ in the churches but when they are outside of the church premises, they live a life that suits the imagination of their own hearts. These group of Christians do not walk in the narrow path of salvation; they try to walk on two roads trying to enter the kingdom of God. You may find that sometimes they try to follow Jesus Christ and sometimes they are busy following the devil and his demons.

God does not take pleasure in people who live a double life. You have to make a conscious decision either to follow Jesus Christ or serve the devil whole heartedly. If you have chosen to follow the devil, condone everything that is evil; while if you have made a decision to follow our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ do so in spirit and in truth and condemn all appearances of evil. The word of God tells us that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. A double minded person can also be a lukewarm Christian. A lukewarm Christian is not committed to serving God; they tend to shift positions to either light or darkness; when difficulties and hardship arise you will find them in darkness; but when there are no persecutions they claim to be partakers in the table of God.
The word of God tells us that some people deny God in their works and I have borne witness to such people even in the church. I believe that this people who claim to know Jesus and live according to the desires of the flesh will heap to themselves a greater damnation because God detests hypocrites. I want to give you examples of people who claim to know God but deny God in their unfruitful works of darkness.

The world today is filled up with seducers. The word of God tells us to avoid looking at nakedness. This is a very difficult task for the children of God because everywhere you turn today, you see nakedness. There is nakedness in the churches and in the streets. You will find some women who are blatantly children of the devil coming up with their own doctrine in favour of nudity and their shameful behavior. They say that outward appearance does not matter and use their poor reasoning to destroy the earth with sexual immorality. If you are a seducer you are not a Christian and your end shall be according to your works. You claim God looks at the heart but you are not afraid. If you say God looks at the heart why aren
t you afraid? I am deeply offended by women who behave in this manner and they profess to know God. If you are for Christ be for Christ and if you are a Satanist let people know that you are a Satanist and leave Jesus Christ alone. The word of God tells us that anyone who professes the name Christ to abstain from iniquity. If you are claiming to know God, stop seducing men and triggering lustful thoughts, put on modest apparel like what the word of God tells women to do.

Another group of people who deny God in their works and all together claim to know God are the lesbians, homosexuals, gamblers, porn addicts, masturbators, smokers and generally all sinners. If you are sinning, you do not know nor love God, you
re a Christ rejector. Sinners are not of Christ. The word of God tells us that God is light and in him there is no darkness, if we profess to follow Jesus Christ and we walk in darkness, we are liars and the truth is not in us; but if we walk in light and we do not partake in unfruitful works of darkness; we will have a relationship with Jesus Christ because we will be in the light as he is in the light; there is no relationship between light and darkness my dear brothers and sisters in the Lord.

These will be the people who will be cast into the lake of fire during judgment. These are the people who will be telling the Lord on judgment day that they did good and incredible things in his name, but he will tell them to depart that he does not know them. Your actions speak louder than words. If you are walking around in sin and you are professing to know God you are liar because you don
t know God neither do you love him because those who love God keep the commandments. By keeping the commandments and living according to the will of the father will our relationship with God be strengthened and we will end up becoming a peculiar people.

Examine your life and determine whether you are a peculiar person or you are just behaving and being comfortable around reprobates. Your words and actions should be distinct from worldly people. What you profess with your lips should match the way you live your life. If what you profess with your lips does not conform to how you live your life; you are lying and you are not a genuine Christian. Obedience and love to the almighty God is shown by how you live your life. Majority of people are known to give lip service to God and live a life that is abominable and full of disobedience. If you claim to love Jehovah God, get ready to keep the commandments. Lip service does not matter, if you stand at the great white throne of judgment as a sinner, the Lord Jesus Christ will cast you into hell. If you are one of the people who deny God by your works of darkness, repent and live a life that conforms to what you profess with your lips. Be blessed in Jesus name.
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