Overcoming satan and his angels in Jesus Name is a website designed to discuss a lot of  biblical topics to expound the truth of Jesus Christ and say the truth of the bible as it is. Nowadays the truth is rarely spoken out; a few churches out there preach the real gospel of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Majority of the churches preach sweet sermons because they fear opposition, that is prosperity messages which include; cars, money, mansions, houses, wealth, health and businesses, e.t.c.

Wealth is a good thing because when you are rich and financially stable you can support the work of God and help the needy, but when it consumes the whole body of Christ and people start living based on the desires of the flesh on this earthly life then it becomes a deception, waste of time and a snare for our eternal souls.

Preachers should preach on faith, salvation and repentance. Preachers should preach on heavenly blessings and focus less on earthly blessings. Hell is a real place and that is why the Apostles of Jesus Christ were preaching the true gospel and treating the message of the kingdom of God as a matter of urgency. Prosperity messages are messages which are designed to make people confortable without the fear of God or a future judgment. Earthly blessings are temporary. Wealth and the things on this earth are temporary, and they are things that do not have a lasting significance. When you consider the people that are dying every second and going to hell more than ever before because of sin, then you will realize that there is an urgency to preach salvation and repentance more than ever before  to reduce the number of people going to face miserable torment and judgment in the after life.

When you are living in the end days and you are not telling people to make it right with God and you keep on preaching prosperity and temporary things, this proves to me that you are not of sound mind and the devil has deceived you and is using you to deceive others. What will it profit if a man gains the whole world and loose his soul, or what can a man give in exhange for his soul.
Mat 16:26  For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

You need very little amount of money to live. You should be content with what you have. The devil is the one deceiving people that they need a lot of money to live and be happy. Happiness and peace of mind can only be achieved by having a healthy relationship with the lord Jesus Christ. The word of God says that having food and raiment let us be content with what we have because we came with nothing and we will depart out of this world with nothing.
1Ti 6:5  Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself.
1Ti 6:6  But godliness with contentment is great gain.
1Ti 6:7  For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.
1Ti 6:8  And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.

1Ti 6:9  But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.
1Ti 6:10  For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

We should live for eternity and focus on eternity. That is why the lord Jesus Christ told us that we should not store wealth here on earth where thieves break in and steal but we should store our treasures in heaven where it will be eternal and safe. Nowadays it is very rare to hear a sermon that rebukes sin, but if you have to be a child of God you have to attack sin or preach on holiness.

That is the pathetic part of the body of Christ today, people are afraid of their own reputation and loosing their flock and money instead of being afraid of God. These sweet sermons are rampant because the apostles and pastors do not desire to put on their followers a fear of a future judgment. Some of them like to preach this sermons for their own agenda. The sermons that will make them famous, accepted by the world and bring in financial blessings to them.

Jesus Christ told us that friendship with the world is enmity with God and if anyone causes another person to stumble; which refers to the weak christians it would be better for him if a millstone were hang around his neck and he was thrown into the sea. Every preacher that is not preaching the truth will be in for judgment, for the lord Jesus Christ promised that the teachers in the church will be judged by Him with great strictness.

The apostles should tell their flock the truth. They should tell them that the soul that sins it shall die to avoid the blood of their flock to be required of them. The word of God is clear that in the near future there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth to those who reject salvation by continuing and persisently living in sin.

If you live in sin, after coming to the knowledge of the truth, you prove  rejection of the finished works of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ on the cross. The death of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ is supposed to show us the severity of sin and its effects. We ought therefore to avoid sinning in order to avoid eternal punishment. A person who is sinning willfully is an enemy of the lord Jesus Christ.

Sin will always be punished, it has been punished from the beginning, and it will continue to be punished till the seed of sin no longer exists. Some of the false ideas that the devil puts on his children is that God is a God of love and there is no way that a multitude of people in the world can be punished by God. But the word of God tells us that broad is the way that leads to destruction and narrow is the way that leads to life and few people find that road.
Pro 11:21  Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished: but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered.

The lord Jesus Christ warned us in the bible, that unless we repent we shall all perish.

Luk 13:1  There were present at that season some that told him of the Galilaeans, whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices.
Luk 13:2  And Jesus answering said unto them, Suppose ye that these Galilaeans were sinners above all the Galilaeans, because they suffered such things?

Luk 13:3  I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.
Luk 13:4  Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower in Siloam fell, and slew them, think ye that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem?
Luk 13:5  I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

My brothers and sisters in the lord, sin and death are synonymous, if you sin without repenting you are in big time trouble with God, everyone that sins against the lord Jesus Christ, sins against his or her own soul. All that hate the lord Jesus Christ are in love with death.
Romans 6:23 The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is life through Jesus Christ our lord.

You live in the age of deception that is the apostles do not care whether you make it to heaven or hell, what they care about is your money, that is why they preach sermons that will make them popular and would motivate people to give large amounts of money. These sermons make people comfortable and live a life that bears no good fruit for the kingdom of light. People live without the fear of God and that is why they commit willful sins because they have been made to believe their is no accountability and judgment.

They make their followers to have a mindset that God is incapable of punishing them for their sin due to his loving nature. They tend to teach people that God is love and neglect to tell their flock that our God is a consuming fire. The nature of God is to consume sin, you cannot stand before the presence of God without the blood of the lord Jesus Christ covering your soul, he would consume you for the nature of God is to consume sin.
Eze 18:4  Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die.
Eze 18:20  The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.

The apostles should teach their followers about all the attributes of God for them to know God better and live in fear of the lord. A person with a healthy fear of God has wisdom and will not easily fall to the snares of the devil. A true man of God is supposed to rebuke sin, speak of justice and righteousness and the various ways to know God better. If anyone claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ and does not rebuke sin, there is a big problem with that, because sin is the stumbling block between God and humanity. Sin causes God to depart from us because he is a holy God and that is why sin has to be rebuked and not tolerated.

Here i will speak the truth because i have nothing to lose. Today people in the churches are told what they want to hear, prayed for, and released to go and live as they please. But if we have be pleasing to God, we have to do his will. If you are an apostle you have to take everything in the word of God and preach on it, we ought to consider everything that is written in the word of God, we should not choose other scriptures and ignore others. We should not again add to the scriptures or subtract some verses out of the bible. If the word of God says yes it is a yes and if it says no it is a no, we should not manipulate the word of God for our own selfish interests and lusts.

Do you think God is pleased when people get lost and no one is rebuking and correcting them? Child abuse is when you tell the child and give the child what it wants and don't instruct the child about right and wrong and heap on the child what ever it wanted, and the end result is a child who behaves like a brat. That is what is going on in the churches today.

Again we cannot blame the pastors because people just get mad every time you rebuke sin or speak out the truth of the gospel. Everytime you try to speak out the truth, people get mad and hate you. The lord Jesus Christ was about to be thrown off a cliff head long because he preached in the synagogue that he was the messiah prophesied by prophet Isaiah.

Luk 4:16  And he came to Nazareth, where he had been brought up: and, as his custom was, he went into the synagogue on the sabbath day, and stood up for to read.
Luk 4:17  And there was delivered unto him the book of the prophet Esaias. And when he had opened the book, he found the place where it was written,

Luk 4:18  The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,
Luk 4:19  To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

Luk 4:20  And he closed the book, and he gave it again to the minister, and sat down. And the eyes of all them that were in the synagogue were fastened on him.
Luk 4:21  And he began to say unto them, This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears.
Luk 4:22  And all bare him witness, and wondered at the gracious words which proceeded out of his mouth. And they said, Is not this Joseph's son?

Luk 4:23  And he said unto them, Ye will surely say unto me this proverb, Physician, heal thyself: whatsoever we have heard done in Capernaum, do also here in thy country.
Luk 4:24  And he said, Verily I say unto you, No prophet is accepted in his own country.

Luk 4:25  But I tell you of a truth, many widows were in Israel in the days of Elias, when the heaven was shut up three years and six months, when great famine was throughout all the land;
Luk 4:26  But unto none of them was Elias sent, save unto Sarepta, a city of Sidon, unto a woman that was a widow.

Luk 4:27  And many lepers were in Israel in the time of Eliseus the prophet; and none of them was cleansed, saving Naaman the Syrian.
Luk 4:28  And all they in the synagogue, when they heard these things, were filled with wrath,
Luk 4:29  And rose up, and thrust him out of the city, and led him unto the brow of the hill whereon their city was built, that they might cast him down headlong.
Luk 4:30  But he passing through the midst of them went his way,

The truth or anything close to Jesus Christ must face opposition and attacks from the devil and his agents. When i talk about agents of the devil, i mean human beings who are always deceived and used by the devil continuously  to bring corruption and hold the truth in unrighteousness. The word of God says, happy is the man whom men will revile and persecute for my names sake for greater is his reward in heaven, but woe to that man or prophet whom is spoken well by everyone, for so did their fathers speak on all the false prophets.

Mathew 5:11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my name's sake.
Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

Luke 6:24 Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.

The real gospel of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ of soul winning and salvation is not spoken because it will lead to opposition, name calling, persecution, hatred, enmity and even death, because very few people are true Christians even in the churches. I believe the ratio of true born again believers in the world is roughly 1 to 1000. Going to church every Sunday doesn't make a person a true believer. Being a doer and obedient to God's word makes one a true believer.

Mat 7:24  Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:
Mat 7:25  And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.

Mat 7:26  And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand:
Mat 7:27  And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it

When you obey the word of God and follow it, you establish a strong root and foundation in Christ Jesus, therefore you will be able to resist temptations from the devil and his agents. But when you do not carry out the instructions of the word of God you will easily fall to the temptations and lies of the devil. Majority of Christians read the word of God but deny it.

Some Christians change the truth of God into a lie and try as much as possible to make sin not sin. Christians should let the word of God direct and inspire them, they should stop looking at the bible with criticism and choosing other scriptures while ignoring others. Every word of God in the bible has life, so we should collectively consider what the entire bible says.
Rom 1:25  Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

People hide behind Christian names to perpetrate evil in the church. That is why you find believers on the altar and in the congregation in skimpy skirts, lower necklines, tight cleavage clothing’s, tight jeans, high heels, revealing attires e.t.c. Skimpy skirts and revealing attires is an abomination before God. No one can stand this offences unless there is no true holiness in them. No true Christian will be wearing such outfits before God and being a stumbling block before children of God. It is advisable for you and me to choose where we want to belong, you cannot mix light with darkness it is not possible. I want to urge you to identify your source right now.

Do not be lukewarm, if you decide to follow Jesus Christ follow Him with your whole heart and forsake the devil with your whole heart and vice versa, do not claim Christ and feed on evil at the same time. I am convinced without reasonable doubt, for a person to commit an abomination, the fear of the lord must be absent, because if a person fears and honours God and knows God is watching him or her everytime, commiting a sin wouldn't be that easy. Committing offences is an indication that you have rejected Christ in your life. If you receive the lord Jesus Christ with your whole heart, you will have the nature of Christ and you will end up loving what the lord Jesus Christ loves and hate what the lord Jesus Christ hates.

The church today is filled with a lot of people, but most of them they are not true Christians, they are church attendants. They do what other people are doing. When people become abominable they become abominable themselves and when people go to church on Sundays they also go to church. Some people who do not understand the word of God and hide behind religion to perpetrate evil, might be quick to say, it is not good to judge, but the scriptures tells us that the word of God is used for correction and reproof to make everybody wise unto salvation.
2Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.
That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

There is only one credible way to defeat the devil and his angles on this earth and to overcome the snares of death and hell and that is to read the word of God from the King James Bible. The only place that you will find the truth is in the word of God. Do not look for answers from your pastor’s or people, look in the word of God for clarification. People go to the pit every day because of following bad examples set before them by others. When people continually do the same wickedness, people tend to think it is acceptable, we call it brainwashing but the bible remains the same it never changes.

Jesus Christ told us that unless we repent we shall all perish. So it doesn't matter if everyone is doing a particular sin to make it seem right, in the end sin has to be punished. Sin will remain sin even though the whole world believes it to be righteousness and righteousness will remain righteousness even though the whole world calls it a lie and a sin. Remember the days of Noah when only him and his family together with the animals were saved, the rest of humanity perished and went into prisons in the lower parts of the earth.
1Pe 3:19  By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison;
1Pe 3:20  Which sometime were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water.

Most people fall into the snare of sin by doing what other people are doing. People do things not because of wisdom, but they do things so as to fit in the crowd or because they fear being rejected. The bible is the only book where you will find the right anchor for your soul. If you are not operating on what the bible says and you are using your own view on what is good and bad, get ready for tearings and rippings from demons when you die. The word of God is the truth about morality and it provides the basic details of all the fundamentals of life. The devil has tried to wipe out the King James Bible by deluding it with other bibles but God has protected his word and enabled it to survive.

The word of the living God is illuminated by the holy ghost to talk to us by giving us details after details on the things which we should and should not do and thereby giving us clear directions on the way to eternal life and knowledge on how culture ought to be and society. The word of God is the gospel truth and anything out of the word of God is insanity.

If any society or government goes against the word of God, they are wrong no matter how knowledgeable they think they are. When people are not led by the word of God, we find perversions such as pornography, bestiality, incest, lesbianism, homosexuality, cross dressing, lustful commercials, murders, suicide, rape, premature death and much more perversions.

The devil will do anything to keep you from reading the word of God and prevent Jesus Christ from speaking to you through the comforter which is the Holy Spirit and you end up knowing the truth. If you have demons living in your body every time you think about reading the bible or start reading it, you may feel sleepy, hungry or dizzy, but you will be comfortable and relaxed while reading each and every page of your newspapers or novels.

I want to assure you, this are demons and they will do anything to keep you away from Jesus Christ word and prevent you from coming to the knowledge of truth which is in Christ Jesus our lord. It is good to listen to the word of God from other people but you are supposed to spend your time reading the word of God in order not to be deceived by false teachers and false prophets who come up with false doctrines which are not biblical.

God is pleased when we read his word, understand it and live according to his will. If we live fully according to the word of God we will live peacefully and the years of our lives will be increased due to blessings from God and all the demonic doors will be closed. The devil is jealous of you and i, because we have a shot of going to the kingdom of God.

The devil has no opportunity, he has no hope but those alive in this world have hope. I believe we are in a state of condemnation and the only way to avoid the judgment seat of Christ is to accept him with our whole hearts. Just saying I believe in Jesus Christ and living like hell is no good. You are supposed to keep the commandments. The word of God says if you love me keep my commandments.
John 14:15: If ye love me, keep my commandments.

You are supposed to live according to the word of God. If you claim you love Jesus Christ and live contrary to the word of the living God, you are lying and the truth is not in you. People can reject Christ by their actions and words, and the majority, reject Christ by how they live their lives. You cannot sin and hope in salvation it is not possible.

Your works should correspond with your faith. By your fruits we shall know you. Your works tell and reveal what kind of a person you are, and what kind of heart you possess. If you praise Jesus Christ 24 hours a day and live contrary to the word of God, you will still be condemned, you need to obey the scriptures.
They profess that they know God but in works they deny him being abominable, disobedient and to every good work reprobate. Titus 1:16

The devil has put in front of everyone snares and thorns, traps of hell and death for you to stumble and fall into sin. As long as you live in this world you will be tested and tempted, every soul that is rejoicing in heaven as we speak, faced similar challenges that you are facing and temptations that you are facing but made wise decisions. When you fall into sin, a spiritual act of breaking the hedge of protection takes place and a doorway is provided for demons to enter your body to kill, steal and destroy you.

Once the devil is in, the devil is in, getting them out is a lot of work. That is why you are supposed to check the places that you are in or visit, what programs you are watching and what you are listening, because if you are not vigilant you will welcome new demons into your life and strengthen the demons that are already in your body.

You have to be aware that majority of the things going on in the world today is a way for demons to come into your life, everything in the media, the clothings, the music and so on is an avenue for demons to come into your life. God has allowed temptations to befall us, because this life is a test for eternity. God wants you to choose light instead of darkness when faced with temptations. God wants you to choose his kingdom voluntarily without being forced into doing it, that is why He has given us free will. When you reject Satan’s wiles and keep the commandments during diverse temptations, then you prove your love towards God and your sonship.

Remember Abraham when he offered Isaac before God, that is how you prove your love to your creator by overcoming temptations and enduring them.You should not complain of the temptations of the world, but you should rejoice and overcome them because when you prove your reverence and love towards God then you will receive a crown of life. Every time you overcome a temptation you will be rewarded by the father through the lord Jesus Christ. But when you fail to overcome temptations then you prove to be unworthy for eternal life, and if you are unworthy for eternal life then you are good enough for the outer darkness.
James 1:12 blessed is the man that endureth temptation for when he is tried; he shall receive the crown of life, which the lord hath promised to them that love him.

When we are tempted, God gives us the grace that we need to overcome temptations. During tempting situations you are supposed to listen to the voice and warning of the Holy Spirit. It is time for us to avoid the devil and his angels and resist them. The devil wants to drag you to hell, and you have to fight to keep the commandments.

If you entertain demons in this life then they will be your master when you die and you will weep and wail for eternity. The devil can never leave you alone if you do not resist sin, just rebuking him and living in sin will not work. The word of God tells us in
James 4:7 submit yourselves to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Submitting in the sense of living according to the will and commandments of God, then the final stage is to command the devils to leave you alone. If one element is missing in the above scripture the devil will not listen when you command him to leave. It is sad that the world plays with demons and the snares of death and hell that the devil puts before them. The devil gives young women indecency and they entertain it and call it fashion and my dress my choice.

The devil instructs people to start killing one another and some people say you have to kill to be a real man. If you have been listening to hip-hop you know what I mean. Instead of resisting the snares of death, people are entertaining them. If you don't avoid the snares of death, you will be beaten, persecuted, and tormented by demons in the afterlife. This is how the devil rewards his children by beating and persecuting them, he has no gratitude of any kind. Woe to Christ rejecters, because their is a major punishment coming to them shortly. The word of God says, a person who rejects Christ it shall bring him to the king of terrors.
Job 18:5  Yea, the light of the wicked shall be put out, and the spark of his fire shall not shine.
Job 18:6  The light shall be dark in his tabernacle, and his candle shall be put out with him.
Job 18:7  The steps of his strength shall be straitened, and his own counsel shall cast him down.
Job 18:8  For he is cast into a net by his own feet, and he walketh upon a snare.

Job 18:9  The gin shall take him by the heel, and the robber shall prevail against him.
Job 18:10  The snare is laid for him in the ground, and a trap for him in the way.

Job 18:11  Terrors shall make him afraid on every side, and shall drive him to his feet.

Job 18:12  His strength shall be hungerbitten, and destruction shall be ready at his side.
Job 18:13  It shall devour the strength of his skin: even the firstborn of death shall devour his strength.
Job 18:14  His confidence shall be rooted out of his tabernacle, and it shall bring him to the king of terrors.

Job 18:15  It shall dwell in his tabernacle, because it is none of his: brimstone shall be scattered upon his habitation.

Job 18:16  His roots shall be dried up beneath, and above shall his branch be cut off.
Job 18:17  His remembrance shall perish from the earth, and he shall have no name in the street.
Job 18:18  He shall be driven from light into darkness, and chased out of the world.
Job 18:19  He shall neither have son nor nephew among his people, nor any remaining in his dwellings.
Job 18:20  They that come after him shall be astonied at his day, as they that went before were affrighted.
Job 18:21  Surely such are the dwellings of the wicked, and this is the place of him that knoweth not God

You have to keep the word of God in your heart so that when you are faced with temptations you know what the lord Jesus Christ says about that situation. If you do not read the word of God then you will be an easy prey and target for the devil. Resist the devil with the word of God and maintain your relationship with the lord Jesus Christ and your position as a child of God and a candidate of heaven.

The devil and his demons are real.This are beings that were cast out of heaven that are living in your body and they have seen and known God and know what righteousness and holiness is. These demons look at you and laugh when you offend God. They say finally we have derailed him from Jesus Christ, finally we got him, he is listening to us. That is the mission of every demon to derail you from the lord Jesus Christ and bring you to the pit of hell to burn for eternity when you die.

Do not let the devil destroy your soul. Come out of the world and be separate. Fear God and give glory to him. The only way that you will finish this race is if you are afraid of God. It is too difficult to keep the commandments if you do not have the fear of the lord. The fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom. It may seem difficult in the beginning to obey God, but as you keep on obeying him, the Holy Spirit comes and assists you in your walk with Christ and you will hate sin suddenly and be ashamed of your past and you will not want to go back to the world again.

There is peace and freedom in Christ Jesus because the world and sin will lead to torment and major a punishment from the kingdom of darkness. In summary, the major ways of overcoming the snares of death and hell is to read the word of God, live according to the instructions outlined in the bible and have the fear of God in your heart. (Overcoming Satan And His Angels In Jesus Name).

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