Video games and computer games are lust of the flesh. Lusts of the flesh are sinful desires that our body and sinful heart desires that is contrary to the will of God. Video games are definitely bringing demons into your body. God is displeased when we play video games because it is adding no intellectual value to us, it is a waste of time and it is a destruction from the word of God.

There is no good fruit you can bear by playing video games. Anything that is a waste of time, is offensive to the creator and a doorway for demons into our lives. I have seen people playing video games and the characters in the video games look like demons. Remember what the lord Jesus Christ told us in the bible to abstain from all appearances of evil.

When you are playing with demons and you are shooting and blood is coming out, that is not of Christ, it is violence and you are wasting your time and welcoming demons into your body. When the demons are into your life, they will push you to continue playing this games so that new demons can come into your body and in the end you will be judged for this games.

The devil is willing to push people into things that destructs them from the word of God. The devil creates and designs things that will bring you to the judgment seat of Christ with him. Instead of wasting time playing with demonic spirits with your computer or with your television, go and save a soul, go and cast a devil out of somebody, bear good fruit that pleases Jesus Christ. The devil and his demons laugh at you when you play this video games because they know that you are offending your creator.

The devil's time is short, their mission is to destroy our lives here on earth and bring us to the nether parts of the earth when we die. The devil and his angels need to ensure that we are destructed from the word of God and we waste our time on things that have no lasting significance or value such as video games. Most of the programs, the video games, computer games and majority of the things that are enjoyed in the world today are all meant to destruct people from the word of God and ensnare our eternal soul. When you play with demons and you are shooting and blood is coming out, that is Satan
s trap for you. You are not resisting the snares of the devil, you are entertaining them.

Brethren in Christ Jesus avoid playing video games because it is definitely bringing demons into your body. Use your time adequately on the things that edify the body of Christ and things that add to your intellectual value. Use your time to bear good fruits for Jesus Christ. Video games is a lust of the flesh and people will be judged for it. Take the narrow path of salvation and avoid anything that is in the world and learn to get your joy and happiness only from Jesus. If you make the lord Jesus Christ the cornerstone of your joy and happiness you will go a long way in overcoming the devil and his traps and you will end up walking in the narrow path of salvation.
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